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14:15 October 23, 2017

I use word and picture associations to remember what my next line is going to be. I break each line down into individual sentences and memorize each one with a keyword from the next sentence added to the end of the previous sentence. It keeps the flow and direction of the dialogue fresh and available to me when I need it.

19:23 October 18, 2017

I am in the process of adding notes below my lines that I’ve written on notecards about blocking, what Paris is feeling in that moment, what his body language is like, his facial expressions, and the tone of his voice. I reread the play twice a day and go over my lines in my head for a few minutes 5 or 6 times throughout the day. I think Paris’ wardrobe is full of bespoke suits, the man has style.

17:16 October 11, 2017

I read the play over a couple of times. Paris is a younger brother confronting his older brother, someone that at some point in his life he saw as a hero, about the elder’s alcohol abuse. He isn’t disgusted by Bard’s physical and mental state, just saddened. He wants to help his brother shake the addiction, but lacks the strength of will to confront his brother the right way. Playing Paris will be a eerily inverted take on the dynamic my brother and I share.

18:36 October 16, 2017

I read through the play several times, playing around with the structure and verbiage of Paris’ dialogue. I changed his tone and the words he said, but not the meaning, message, or idea the line expressed. The moment I was satisfied with the lines I realized I had misinterpreted Paris’ character through the lense of my experiences as an older brother. I had to reread consciously trying to put myself into the role of a little brother, and thinking about how Paris is feeling throughout his scenes.